Course 32b 2025

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Course 32b 2025

Totally Trance Healing –
Future Proofing Your Gift

Course Organiser: Libby Clark OSNU


Sally Barnes DSNU, Tim Abbott DSNU & Penny Hayward OSNU

This exciting course offers you the opportunity to spend a whole week immersed in the power and energies of Trance Healing.

For over 40 years Libby has worked in cooperation with Spirit to build an amazing bond with her Spirit healing team, they constantly advance the skills and abilities they share with her to enable Trance Healing to grow far beyond the boundaries that are expected.

During the course we will be using meditation, discussions, debates, circles, one to one peer support, we will explore the intense power of deep Trance development, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss healing face to face with Dr James, Libby’s healing mentor in Spirit.

You will examine how to focus and become sensitive to all the different layers and forms of energies in hands on workshops.
We will be advancing your medical intuitive skills to allow your patients to benefit and allow your healing to expand in a new direction.

You will record for your patient a unique healing visualisation tailored to their needs; they can then use this over and over again to enable the healing to continue long after the course is completed. In addition, of course you will receive your own personal meditation in return.

We will build healing energies into small gifts that will be placed around the college and its beautiful grounds for others to find and absorb the power in whatever way they need it. 

Of course, in our group work sessions we will support and guide your development and aid you in building the relationship with your mentors in spirit in every way possible.

So what are you waiting for, this is your invitation to the future of healing in all its forms, book today and know that you are securing your place in the advancement of healing in our world. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, it is time to step into your healing power and become a healer that is worthy of the Spirit World, a healer for the future.

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