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Course 33a 2024

Mastering Energy & Mediumship

Course Organiser Janette Marshall & her Team of Tutors invite Mediums, Healers, Artists & Teachers to explore Energy Techniques, Mindfulness, Mediumship & Altered States.

Join us for one, or more, diverse weeks dedicated to exploring an Understanding of the Composition of Energy and to advancing attunement Sensitive Evidential Mediumship, Self Awareness & Energy Management.

Newcomers, Intermediates & Advanced students are welcome.

Work according to your personal level, interests and goals. Set boundaries to support you in a Mediumistic Environment. Janette and her skilful Team of Tutors aim to encourage and support your progress.

Lectures, Tutorials & Group Work include opportunities to experience:

  • Platform Mediumship
  • Private Sittings
  • Altered States & Trance
  • Healing & Philosophy
  • Spirit Art & The Healing Arts
  • Science, Health & The Medium
  • Energy Techniques & Precision Attunement

Each Course is different yet with Progressive Continuity:

  • 7 Nights Sat 19th to Sat 26th August 2023 AFC Course 33A
  • 7 Nights Sat 14th to Sat 21st Oct 2023 AFC Course 41A MEA&M
  • 5 Nights Mon 27th Nov to Sat 2nd Dec 2023 AFC Course 48b
  • 7 Nights Sat 17th to Sat 24th February 2024 AFC Course 7a
  • 7 Nights Sat 17th to 24th August 2024 AFC Course 33a
  • 7 Nights Sat 12th to Sat 19th October 2024 AFC Course 41a MEA&M
  • 5 Nights Mon 25th to Fri 30th November 2024 Course 48b

Study & Practice the Science and Mechanics of Life & Mediumship,
Explore the Nature of Consciousness
or ‘Just go with the flow’
Valuable keys and feedback will be
offered to help you
Master your Energy & Mediumship.

Email if you wish to share your goals

Bookings Tel: +44 (0) 1279 813636.

These courses are intended to enhance Self Mastery & Mediumship.
An Awareness of Art Attunement can also enhance your Personal Energy Management and your Intuitive and Mediumistic Ability.

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