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Course 34 2025

German Week 2

Suitable for all levels this course will encourage, nurture, and support you on your spiritual journey.

Together we will create a harmonious environment free from the boundaries of everyday life, creating a space for everyone to grow into their natural abilities and beyond.

Together we will:

  • Attune to spirit,
  • Experiment and work with different energies, passive and active,
  • Learn to distinguish and strengthen spirt and psychic connections,
  • Enhance your own natural mediumistic abilities,
  •  Experience Altered States of Consciousness,
  • Engage in public speaking,

and so much more, this course will be tailored to the needs of those attending in a friendly, inclusive environment, in the historically renowned Arthur Findlay College, where magic happens, and dreams come true.

This course is translated and is an extremely popular course so early booking is recommended.

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