Course 36b 2023

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Course 36b 2023


  A popular, exciting, inter-active course

Advanced level only please


Are you running groups, classes or courses?

Are you doing demonstrations, services and private sittings?

Do you need to give more time to your own development?

Val and her tutors  love nothing more than encouraging you to push beyond your known limits, allowing your Spirit tutors to test you, assess you and push you forward. Each of your tutors care deeply about your sensitivity and hope to help you to become more confident each time you blend with Spirit.

Your tutors will encourage you to step into the power with Spirit, know how to stay in the power, and help you to bring forward the true essence of the Spirit communicator, as well as giving factual evidential information,  hopefully with greater joy because you KNOW you are walking with, and working with, Spirit .

Why not give yourself time to forget everyone else, sit in the power with Spirit, taking time to offer to Spirit the opportunity they have been waiting for – to show you that the only limitations are the ones we sometimes place upon ourselves.

Enjoy providing Evidence to people in a non-competitive way, preparing you to not only work with Spiritualists, but also preparing you to work with sceptics, scientists and media people. You will work alone, as well as part of a group of mediums, hopefully  building confidence every time you work.

Every day there will be workgroups, tutorials, inter-active sessions etc.,

The evenings will be for exploring different ways of working, using experiments

In the wonderful surroundings of Stansted Hall anything is possible if you just trust Spirit, as they trust you,  and let them show you there are


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