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Course 3a 2024

Consciousness & Altered States

Course Organiser: Penny Hayward DSNU
Guest: Paul van Leeuwen MSc.

Spiritualism has always had an understanding of consciousness and how it connects the incarnate (physical life and world) with the discarnate (non-physical/ Spirit life).

Scientists and researchers have been finding ways to explore consciousness and altered states. This weekend will have a focus on altered states in mediumship – healing and trance.

Paul van Leeuwen will be explore the aspect of quantum physics and the entanglement theory in relationship to spiritual practice and how we create our lives.

This short course will include and may not be limited to: Lectures, research results, exercises and experimental sessions that attempt to allow each candidate to have experiences for growth and understanding.

Why not come join me and my guests for an interesting and thought provoking weekend exploring consciousness and the altered states in mediumship.

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