Course 3c 2025

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Course 3c 2025

Professional Private Consultations

 Intermediate/Advanced Student Only

A practical intensive weekend dedicated to professionalising your intuitive, evidential and spiritual assessments.

We will look at how you can enhance, deepen, strengthen your connection, with your communications and bring the presence and essence of those in the spirit world to life allowing you to tell their story.  Giving you the confidence to trust the information; allowing you to sustain your power, and deliver your communications with integrity, accuracy, truth, compassion, positivity and thereby allowing you to meet the needs of your sitter and deliver your consultations in a professional manner with precise, accurate information to help empower your clients.

This will take place in a progressive, constructive and supportive environment, helping you to look beyond the boundaries of your limitless soul; giving you the opportunity to achieve and create greatness in your consultations.

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