Course 41a 2023

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Course 41a 2023

Mastering Energy, Art & Mediumship

Join Janette and her Team for a focused week. You do not need a natural Artistic or Mediumistic Ability to begin Mastery. Choose your Focus – your Art, your Mediumship or both combined.

Newcomers, Intermediates & Advanced students are welcome.

Mediumistic Evidence, Portraits, Artistic Skills & Personal Development

Receive keys to Motivate, Master & Manage your Life, your Art & Your Mediumship

Work with different exercises and aspects of Mediumship Alone, in pairs and as a Group/s according to your personal level, interests and goals. Explore the Role of different Frequencies, Wavelengths, Colour & Light plus the Therapeutic Values of Mediumship.

Receive valuable feedback and simple Techniques as keys to Creating Images and Likenesses.

An Awareness of Energy& Art Attunement can enhance your Blending, Boundaries & Personal Energy Management. It can support your Intuitive & Mediumistic Abilities and help Refine your ability to tune to yourself, others and the energies that inspire and influence.

  • Mechanics of Art & Mediumship
  • Access to and Sources of Evidence
  • Platform Mediumship & Private Sittings
  • Portrait Masterclasses, Composition & Structure
  • Trance, Inspired & Altered States
  • Pioneers, Guides & Philosophy
  • Anatomy for the Artist
  • History of Spirit Art
  • The Healing Arts, Art, Health & The Medium
  • Aura graphs, Language of Colour & Symbology
  • Energy Techniques & Precision Attunement

Each Course with Janette is different yet with Progressive Continuity


  • 7 Nights Sat 6th to Sat 13th August 2022 AFC Course 31A
  • 7 Nights Sat 15th to Sat 22nd Oct 2022 AFC Course 41A AA&M
  • 7 Nights Sat 18th to Sat 25th February 2023 AFC Course 7A
  • 7 Nights Sat 19 to Sat 26th August 2023 AFC Course 33
  • 7 Nights Sat 14th to Sat 21st Oct 2023 AFC Course 41A AA&M
  • 5 Nights Mon 27th Nov to Sat 2nd Dec 2023 AFC Course 48b

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