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Course 45c 2025

Empowering Me & The Medium within

An exciting, motivational course for anyone wishing to improve their spiritual development, not just for mediumship but to gain a better view of self and life.  It may be you simply seek clearer understanding of how the power we call God functions in you, your life and in your connection to the Spirit World; to know yourself as a Soul and Spirit.

The course is suitable for all, as not everyone wants to be a working medium, but we all want to feel the spirit power functioning to its maximum potential it our lives, to help build confidence, and give opportunity to take steps previously avoided or hindered by self doubt, not accepting yourself, or fear.

Whilst the primary focus of the week is on the above, we will use mediumistic abilities to assist the process, and there will be daily sessions working with mediumship in order to enable you to assess your progress as you explore.

Working with mediumship requires continuous gaining of knowledge, experience and exploration to enable our spiritual potential to evolve, and we feel joyful when working with Spirit.  It is essential to recognise this applies equally to self-development; and to feel just as joyful about exploring to find and empower the ‘ME’ within the medium; truly know and be in touch with ourselves. This serves to assist progression of mediumship, but also allows the potential of ‘self’ to evolve, enabling the ability to live within this world in a more positive and healthy way.

Wherever you are on your journey within mediumship, or life, there can be hidden, veiled aspects within us that hinder progress, stop us taking that leap of faith, trust in our capabilities, most often through doubts, fears, mistaken beliefs about ourselves that we unconsciously gather through life experiences creating invisible barriers.  Even if you have worked with mediumship for some time, barriers can suddenly and unexpectedly appear, and may cause feelings such as a loss of momentum, as though on a plateau, unable to shift forward, sometimes a loss of previously felt self-confidence and esteem, even joy, enthusiasm – feeling self-fulfilment.

Taking time to explore what is happening, being willing to strive to uncover and disable the barriers in order to enable positive changes, self-empowerment, to accept and value you, and the Spirit that you are and the power within!

The course will explore subjects such as:

  • Recognising we are not only mediums for the Spirit world, but also mediums for the divine power to manifest in this world
  • What mediumship means to you – and vice versa
  • Is your mind in unison with your heart and Soul?
  • How/why developing psychic and mediumistic abilities is a catalyst for developing self, and vice versa
  • Identifying barriers, such as mistaken beliefs; seeking uncovering their original source, i.e., where doubt took over and self-belief was left behind.
  • Considering ways to disable barriers, making positive changes in order to enable the divine power to flow.

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