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Course 46a 2022

The Spiritual Partnership

Are you excited to be working with Spirit? Do you feel the joy when Spirit loved ones come close? Is the information you give evidential to your satisfaction?

This course offers opportunities to give your guides time with you, for you to absorb new ideas, new techniques so you come closer to Spirit.

You will be offered many opportunities to work on your own unique mediumship, to recognize the presence of established guides and when new ones come to work with you.

The partnership with your Spirit team is vital for the truths you will promote as a medium.

Whether you are working well with Spirit or you feel stuck we hope this is the course for you.


• Meditation & Attunement
• Private sittings for each other
• Platform mediumship – structured to really stretch you
• Sitting in the cabinet as a private discipline & energy exercise
• Table tilting session if required

Team Spirit is vital during development, but you also need to have confidence when working alone, so there will be opportunities for you to work, preparing for public working whether for Spiritualists or groups of sceptics.

We hope you will see your sensitivity as a positive, not negative, aspect of you –your tutors will encourage you to give very relevant pieces of evidence to your recipients – lose yourself in your mediumship, allow your Spirit guides to step forward and you should lose all doubts about yourself, and as a partner to your guides this should make you a more confident, sensitive medium who Spirit loved ones truly trust, allowing the personality and emotion of the Spirit person to reach out to the recipients.

Val and Sally look forward to working with you.

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