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Course 4a 2024

Soul Power and Spirit Connections

Join us for a holistic journey and a personal advancement within your mediumistic ability, spirituality and connectivity.

‘Life is a gift for individual experience and expression.’

Coming together we can also share a beautiful collective and healing like mindedness, soul growth and soulfulness.

An open-minded ‘go with the flow’ approach to mediumship can optimise our opportunity for personal progression.

Bring to life the essence of the spirit and ultimately a deeper understanding of the communicator.

Become professionally sensitive and reflective to recipients. Mindfulness in everyday life can enhance our awareness and sensitivity helping us to set appropriate boundaries, Explore altered states. Potentially open doorways to hidden dimensions of your Self, your life and your mediumship.

Course work to include an array of:

  • Meditations, Mindfulness & Mediumship
  • Deeper understanding of Connection
  • Awareness of Vibration
  • Altered Trance States
  • Unfoldment through Nature
  • Self-Awareness & Management
  • Group work, Lectures & Tutorials
  • Presentation & Professionalism

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