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Course 4c 2025

Soul Power and Spirit Connection

‘The day shall assuredly come when our two worlds will be closely interrelated, when communication between the two will be a common place life’.

Monsignor Robert H Benson.

The gift of life which is individually tailored to our needs, is about progression this, being reflective of our mediumship and work for Spirit.

Within mediumship a holistic open-minded approach maximizes your opportunities of progression. Being mindful in everyday life heightens our awareness/sensitivity both physically and works for Spirit greatly contributing and enhancing the blending of souls… self and spirit, bringing to life the essence of the spirit and ultimately a deeper understanding of the communicator. Through mindfulness we are more receptively aware, you instinctively and automatically aid self and spirit through your widened horizons.

A holistic journey of personal advancement within your mediumistic ability spirituality and knowledge of spirit, all collectively contributing to your soul growth and enhancing your progression within your spiritual path.

Realising and acknowledging the essence of YOU, your light, that precious DIAMOND within…. the spark of the God force, you are liberated and empowered to embrace all that is given at all levels of development.

Offering a holistic approach which is unfailing in its positive advancement of both your mediumistic ability and spirituality.

Course work to include an array of:

  • Meditations
  • Deeper understanding of connection
  • Awareness of vibration / Altered trance states
  • Unfoldment through nature / Self-awareness
  • Group work / Tutorials
  • Presentation, morals ethics, professionalism
  • Lectures and more


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