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Demonstrating and Presentation 

Monday 7th December – Thursday 10th December 2020 with Chris Drew CSNU and Lynn Probert CSNU. (Cost £180.00 per person)

Time 18.00pm – 21.15pm DAILY UK LONDON TIME attending as a day student for 4 days in the Arthur Findlay College Zoom Room. We kindly ask that you check your own time zone.

Not Suitable for Beginners

This class is not suitable for beginners but suitable for intermediate to advanced students with levels of experience of Mediumistic and Spiritual development.
Day course fee includes all online tuition in English, we cannot provide nor allow translation.
You will need access to a computer with internet access, a microphone and video facility.

Courses are held in UK TIME ZONE, London time zone. Please check your own time zone.
Courses start at 18.00pm
Course end time 21.15pm

Demonstrating and Presentation

This online course is for those already working as Demonstrating Mediums or for those who are planning on making the next step to working publicly. Course Tutors Chris Drew and Lynn Probert have a wealth of experience as Demonstrating Mediums and Tutors; they have worked extensively throughout the UK and many parts of the world for many years.

Presenting mediumship professionally and effectively is vital, as it ensures that your work has the utmost impact and helps you to establish a confidence and rapport with your audience, which, therefore, helps, enormously in creating a good energy in which to work. The course will look at different demonstration styles – going direct to your recipient, and opening the contact out to the whole audience – we will look at Online Demonstrating. We will also look at more general presentation skills: how to use the voice effectively, body language, how to present oneself in a more positive and confident manner, and most importantly how to bring your own ‘individuality’ into your mediumship. We shall look at your mediumship in general, make practical assessments of your evidence and give you constructive criticism to help you move forward. We shall also look at ways of improving your evidence and of building closer and more solid contacts, aiming to make your mediumship step up to a higher level.

Each student will have the opportunity to demonstrate, and will get feedback. Both Chris and Lynn are firm believers that developing mediums can learn so much by watching other students working and learning from their feedback, so the student should look at the classes as an opportunity to develop, whether they are demonstrating themselves or observing others working, and being part of the whole experience.

Chris will be teaching on Monday, Lynn will be teaching on the Tuesday and then both Tutors will take the Wednesday and Thursday Class together. So you experience both tutors over the 4 Days.

Terms and Conditions

a) We cannot be held responsible for power outages at your end nor for your equipment failure. You will not be entitled to a refund or a transfer.
b) The Arthur Findlay College operates a zero tolerance policy in respect of physical or verbal abuse towards students or tutors in the zoom class.
c) No cameras or other filming or video/audio recording equipment are to be used to capture the people or class content in the College Zoom room without prior permission in writing.
d) The class sessions will be recorded by the Arthur Findlay College and by registering, you give us permission to use this video and audio recording for any purpose. Content of all audio and visual recordings remains the copyright of the College and may not be used for public or commercial purposes. Any public use, whether or not for gain, will constitute a breach of the Copyright Laws.
e) The tutors have the full right to remove anyone from the class without reason being given.
f) No refund or transfers will be given for missed sessions nor due to attendee equipment failure or confusions with time zones.
g) If you fail to turn up for the class on any given day, you will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

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