Course 8b (6) 2020

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Course 8b (6) 2020

Healing – The Power & The Presence


Throughout these two days, we will be studying spiritual healing in a variety of forms. Together, we will be working with:

• Contact Healing
• Distant Healing
• Absent Healing
• Trance Healing

We will focus on Healing Mediumship, how to attain a closer attunement with the Spirit World and thereby achieve more confidence in Healing.

Together, we will be looking at contact healing, distant healing, absent healing, and trance healing. We will be focusing on our blending with spirit and recognising our abilities to heal in many different ways.

Each individual we connect with has different needs and it is, generally, up to the healer to decide which method is best but what method of healing does the spirit world prefer us to use for each individual? Let’s find out!

Join me for a two-day workshop comprising different techniques that are designed to help you to recognise your amazing abilities in Healing.

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