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Course 16a 2022

The Complete Trance Medium – With Libby Clarke

We are so excited to be back at the sublime Arthur Findlay College sharing the wisdom and joy of Spirit with you again.

Because of the limitations in place for us to abide by the Covid Regulations we are limited to only 30 students resident within the college, this means that courses will fill very quickly so don’t delay book your place on this challenging and innovative course today.

Newcomers, Intermediate & Advanced students are welcome.

This amazing course will be fully focussed on Trance and Trance Healing and we will explore every aspect of your development and by building on the relationship that you already have with Spirit

Developing any form of Trance mediumship is complex and needs the true blending of the medium and Spirit to be successful

Spend an afternoon and evening with Libby and Dr James to be taught healing directly from Spirit.

When was the last time you sat with a group of like-minded individuals and were able to discuss openly and freely your ideas about Trance?

When was the last time your trance state was observed and constructively supported to take       another step forward in your development?

When was the last time you were able to ask questions directly of spirit about your development and then put it into practice? Share a conversation with Libby’s Dr James and Michael to hear Spirits views on developing trance.

When was the last time as a healer you allowed spirit to have control and work fully in tune with your patient and flowed the energies totally.

This course is aimed at those who already have some knowledge or development of trance, you may even be working with your trance publicly but still feel there is more for you to achieve.

In the hallowed space that is Stansted Hall, we have the energies, the power and the beauty of working with Trance for Spirit and taking you on a journey of truth, light and spirit that will last far beyond the few days we spend together

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