Course 21b 2022

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Course 21b 2022

Innovative Trance Healing

This is an intensive and cutting-edge Trance Healing Course which will build on traditional Trance Healing Techniques and experiment with new techniques and ideas which will help you develop your Trance Healing Mediumship.

This unique course is about you as an individual and discovering which way is best for you to link to the Spirit World for the purpose of Trance Healing.

The experienced team of Tutors recognise that times change, and this week will be about experimentation so you can discover new methods to use in order to induce the Trance state.

The Spirit World wish to experiment and try new innovative techniques, are you?

If the answer is YES, then this week is ideal for you if you are prepared to try a new and exciting approach that will greatly enhance your Trance Healing Mediumship.

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