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Course 22a 2024

North Yorkshire District Council Church Members Week –
The Ambassador Between Worlds

Do you feel that there is more to the role of a communicating medium than to bring the beautiful and so appreciated “messages” of our loved-ones? Do you also want to grow personally and spiritually?

The ambassador is an all-encompassing messenger, an intermediator between worlds, who not only allows the world of spirit to find its natural expression within this physical world to touch the need of today, but also works continuously upon the aspect of self-growth, through personal reflection and contemplation for the benefit of the greater good.

Growing into the role of a true Spirit Ambassador means to know how to navigate between the two worlds. It means to get to know who you are as a spiritual being, to create the perfect moment for the world of spirit to reach and touch individuals deep within their souls. Through this partnership, an atmosphere is being created in which the self-healing processes of an individual can be sparked and activated.

When stepping into the role as a medium you are not only becoming the voice of the spirit, but are also simultaneously moving into a state of heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. This course creates a safe space for you to investigate and explore your mediumistic faculties stress-free, in a supportive and caring environment, for you to grow within your mediumistic faculty and also as a spiritual being.

The aspects of personal spiritual progression and soul growth will be an integral part of this week-long course and how they are able to positively further the partnership within spirit communication.

This course will be strongly focussing upon bringing the healing element into your mediumship through the power of the spoken word. Words have a power and depending on how they are expressed, they will have an effect upon others, good or bad. This is why we will be also looking at your presentation and delivery skills, to make sure that your clients receive the best care possible.

During this course we will give you and your Spirit Team the opportunity to investigate and work within various aspects of Active Mental Mediumship, such as:

Evidential Mediumship

  • 1-2-1 Private Readings
  • Platform workHealing Mediumship
  • Through the practices of hands-on, distant, and absent Healing techniquesSpeaking Mediumship
  • Spirit Philosophy
  • The Power of Prayer

Are you ready to become the Ambassador for Spirit?
Then this is the right course for you.

Room Type

Total cost per person

Single room, basic £745.00
Single room, ensuite £895.00
Double/Twin Room, basic £595.00
Double/Twin Room, ensuite £670.00
Double/twin Room, part ensuite £635.00
Multiroom, basic £545.00
Multiroom, ensuite £595.00

Course costs are £595.00 per person based on shared, basic accommodation.
Multiroom options also available for £545.00 per person based on basic accommodation.
Please see detailed costs below.

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