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Course 23a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

Trusting Your Mediumship

How do I know whether the communication comes from Spirit or from my own mind? Will I ever stop being so nervous before giving a communication or speaking from the platform? I do trust Spirit, but how can I gain trust in myself? How can I stop my heart from sinking when I get a ‘no’ from a sitter?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Yes? Then this course may be for you.

This week is all about gaining and building the trust in your mediumship. Trust in self is one of the greatest learnings in your mediumistic development – and yet it is often the greatest challenge to overcome by students.

In this course, with the help of carefully selected Tutors – independently whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced – you will:

• Learn to differentiate whether the communication is from Spirit or from your own imagination
• Understand how to maintain a link throughout several contacts and recognize whether you have lost your link and how to reestablish it
• Embracing a ‘no’ from a sitter as an exciting challenge by working with the piece of information together with the spirit communicator
• Recognise the difference during a communication whether you receive the information from Spirit or whether you read it psychically from the sitter
• Learn how to get the most information out of images and symbols given to you by Spirit
• Gain more confidence by practice, practice, practice to overcome nervousness

Trust in self is the most important foundation on which to build good mediumship. If you want to start building or strengthening those pillars of trust, this course will offer you this opportunity.

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