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Course 27a 2022

Shamanic Heart

The Shamanic Heart week continues…

This week is focused upon the shamanic identity of each of us as individuals. When we find our authenticity, and own our strengths and weakness, we are able to connect spiritually with all life as an aspect of our own individuality, then we had better understand the spectrum of choices we have towards manifesting our true course, our chosen destiny.

The shamanic tradition involves healing through personal transformation, our own expansion, of us as unique individuals, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually echoes outwards into life itself, making us better caretakers of Mother Earth and all life upon her.

You are invited to join our family, and team of dedicated Tutors, to open your heart to all that God has given us to be successful upon our earthly journey.

The course covers:

• Shamanic Drum Vision Journeys
• Drum Healing … Shamanic energy healing
• The Spirituality of Shamanism
• Fire Ceremonies—Honouring all life
• Mindfulness and Shamanism
• Creative Shamanism
• Animal Communication and Animal healing
• The Shaman within

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