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Course 27c 2025

A celebration of spirit

The focus of this week is to look at new ways of working, opening the mind to embrace new ideas, which support your own style of mediumship. The tutors will be helping the students individually and sharing some of their hard-earned techniques and methods which they have established over the years for themselves.

In the private sitting situation we will be looking at using new tools to move your mediumship forward and stretching you beyond your own limitations, helping you to become more confident in your work. We will also be looking at how to blend with the spirit world more closely so that the essence of that soul may be felt by the recipient, which can make the sitting that much more moving and heartfelt.

This week is all about not only celebrating the spirit world but also the spirit within ourselves which we so often forget. It is all about supporting each other, learning from each other and working as a team, so we can build an atmosphere of friendship and love throughout the week.

We look forward to working with you and sharing with you.

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