Course 28b 2022

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Course 28b 2022

Be Your Own Medium!

Join me and my team of tutors for this intensive and practical week.

A week designed to help you strengthen your mediumship and your personal development.

We will look at your own strength within your Mediumship, how you can be more confident, and trust yourself. It’s important to understand how your Mediumship works just for you.

Mediumship is easy, it’s our fears and insecurities that often hinder us to move forward.

This week it’s all about practise, practise, practise and becoming a more confident medium and trusting in yourself and the Spirit.

This course we will be working on:

• The psychic and mediumistic and the understanding of how to best use them.

• Look at different ways to approach communicating with the Spirit World.

• How to deepen your information of evidence.

• Private sittings and how to meet the needs of the sitter.

• Demonstrations


” Listen to your Spirit within and be true to yourself”
Mia Ottosson

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