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Course 47c 2025

At the Gates of Dawn: Death, Meaning, and the Medium

Death and grief are a significant component of the medium’s professional life. How do we hold the space for someone who comes to us in profound grief, struggling to make sense of the death of a loved one, searching for meaning, and often desperate for some honest guidance?

Just as importantly, how do the mediums themselves cope and continue to serve while face to face with their own grief and loss? For the medium who is grieving, these considerations are crucial to their own welfare, and demand a very singular kind of awareness and action in order to maintain wellbeing while continuing to serve others.

Join us for a weekend of insight, support and experience on an infrequently discussed, but essential, aspect of every true medium’s craft.

This course is not recommended for beginners or for those who have been bereaved within the last 12 months.

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