Course 5c 2023 ***COURSE CANCELLED***

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Course 5c 2023 ***COURSE CANCELLED***

Bringing Spirit to Life – Create, concentrate, colour, communicate, calm, completeness.

With Libby Clark and guests.


Many times these days we wish we had more space in order to follow through with some of our ideas and projects that we have in mind for our spiritual growth and development – this course offers you the opportunity to do just that.

A course like no other, you will select your own group, the one that you feel most drawn to and where you feel you will achieve your goal. The days will be split to allow you to experience a more natural bond with spirit, creating a flow through the day which will allow you to work upon projects and focus upon aspects of many different kinds of spiritual work. Beautiful music will surround us as we work.

There will be the opportunity for you to create your own spiritual journal or book, you may choose to become a part of the inspirational writing group who will create throughout the week a booklet which will be printed and presented to each student at the end of the course.

You may decide to join our spirit art class where we will be offering you the opportunity to work on many different kinds of spiritual art, auragraphs, spirit portraits, inspirational art and creating cards, packs of affirmations or your very own pack of spiritual cards to use for yourself.

You may feel that you need quiet time so once again Libby will create a peace room full of comfortable cushions, throws, candles, aromas, and colours for you to find that space to be with spirit amidst the hustle and bustle of the college.

We will be creating slogans and posters for spirit and having a competition to choose the best ones, with prizes for the winners and display them in the college for everyone to see.

Of course, there will be mediumship workshops to follow through with the creativity and the experience of bringing the spirit world to life.

You will become a guardian spirit, taking care of something or someone within the college or its grounds, it might be tree that you have to sit with, a member of staff that you compliment or help with a task, it may a rose you watch bloom, an affirmation that you share with others to empower them, a hug or 5 that need delivering during the day, give thanks to someone for what they do for you, offer up a prayer, give some healing.

In the evenings we will sit in circles, have discussion groups but with a difference, share the joy of spirit and open our minds to absorb the energy and emotion of a spiritual life. Sit in our closing of the day and give back to those who are in need of love, healing, and peace, this session will be taken each day by a different group of people or individuals, putting their spirituality into action.

We are only limited by you, on this course, all things are possible if you have any art tools, paper, paints etc. please feel free to bring them along with you. If you would like to create your spiritual book you will need a blank book in which to work and I do suggest A4 size or larger to give you space to work.

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