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Course 9a 2024

Further Explorations! 2024

This course is self-standing yet in many ways follows on from the programme last year.

To allow for progression different exercises will be included. We will also progress from perception level to control states and the group work and tutorials will reflect that for those who wish to move into the deeper states for their mediumship, speaking and healing.

Have you ever wanted to explore more deeply the different facets of your mediumship?

Have you ever wanted to explore new areas of mediumistic ability or even the deeper control states?

Come with us on a voyage of discovery. Expand your consciousness!

We will work with methods of empowerment. We will take a journey through spiritual attunement and blending processes for the different types of mediumship which may be ready to unfold. This year we explore moving from perception to control with spirit.

Forms of mediumship you will work with and experience are evidential mediumship, speaking mediumship, writing mediumship, healing mediumship.

There will be lectures, tutorials and group work including hand outs.

The aim of this course is for those who can already make a spirit contact to deepen their connection and explore ways of expanding their mediumship. This journey of exploration may (for you) include new areas of mediumship (to you).

We will explore the use of the subtle energy bodies, the role of personal development through meditation and the art of the spiritual assessment and the evidential sitting will be covered.

On this course we will have available the Aura in Motion camera to support your learning and spiritual practices in some of the group work. There will be an opportunity to sit in the pyramid energies, and to experiment with EVP and Spirit photography.

This is suitable for those who can make a spirit link but may not be confident and those who want to improve and develop their spirit link in new ways.

Also, for those taking those first steps wishing to move from Perception level to Control states.

This is Saturday to Saturday (leave after breakfast). It will be the usual college hours up to 9pm except for service nights.

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